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News Flash about Flash

In case you're still using Adobe Flash, beware of a new exploit that's just started circulating on the Internet.

Flash is a system used by some older games and videos on the Internet. If you're using the Google Chrome browser, Flash content is disabled by default. In the near future, Chrome users won't even have the option to run Flash content.

Even Adobe, who makes the Flash system, has announced that they're ending support for the system soon. These days, games and video can be played without Flash. Instead, open Web standards are used to create multimedia content. This helps keep things secure, and enables content to work on more devices.

For this current threat, beware of emails containing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. That's a delivery mechanism for the current exploit. If you get the email and open an infected spreadsheet, you could give a hacker complete control of your computer.

You can read more about the flaw by clicking here to visit the Krebs on Security Website.

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Derek SchaeferComment