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Hurricane Irma

This is a short note that our Lake City location will reopen Wed Sept 12, 2017. Power was restored there early Tuesday morning. Our Live Oak location still has no power. That's because all of Live Oak still has no power. I drove around from the Interstate, to downtown, and along US 90. Everything is shut down. If power is restored, we'll open the Live Oak location as soon as we can get people there.

I hope everyone is doing OK. I saw a mobile home in Live Oak with a pine tree that cut the house in half. Terrifying to see. Lots of other trees down, and our store sign hanging over the sidewalk blew down. Could have been worse, and I didn't see the flooding that's plagued Live Oak in the past.

That's it for now. Drop me a note and let me know you're OK, or what crazy stuff you experienced during the Hurricane Irma.

Derek SchaeferComment